You'll earn credits for attending PMGA classroom courses and webinars, as well as you choice of elective credits such as the PSATS "Newly Elected Officials" workshops, Annual Educational Conference and Grassroots Lobbying Day. Choose between the Graduate Program or a Certificate Program (see below). Complete either within three years to earn credits. 

You may choose the Graduate Program, which includes courses from each of the following four tracks (Administration, Planning, Public Safety, and Public Works) or choose the Certificate Program to concentrate in just one of these tracks. Each program emphasizes leadership development and communication skills.
Graduate Program
Structured to include courses from all four tracks, you must attend the full-day Introduction to PMGA and the primary overview courses in each track in addition to taking advanced secondary courses and your choice of elective credits.
Certificate Program
Course selections concentrate on just one of the four tracks. You must attend the full-day Introduction to PMGA and the primary overview courses, plus earn  secondary and elective credits.