Academy Components
Primary Courses
All Academy participants must attend a day-long Introduction to PMGA, a program emphasizing leadership skills and preparation for the four educational tracks. Primary courses provide a broad overview of the principal components of each track, with an emphasis on leadership and communication skills.
Secondary Courses
Secondary courses are offered both in webinar, classroom and interactive training formats. Graduate enrollees may take a selection of courses in each of the four tracks where Certificate enrollees would choose secondary courses from their track.
Elective Courses
Elective credits are awarded for attending select PSATS eventssuch as:
  • Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show
  • Newly Elected Official Training
  • Grassroots Lobbying Day
  • HR and Labor Management Institute

Credits are also given for spearheading approved community projects that showcase your academy-instilled
expertise and knowledge.

Note: Note: All enrollees must complete the Introduction and Primary Courses as well as a selection of secondary and electives courses. For additional information on credit requirements, please contact PSATS at 717-763-0930 ext. 117.